This looks Great!  Thank you for the changes, – M. Rowland

Fully Customized

We can build any plane you want with a $75 deposit. For 10″ models (wing/length whichever is greater). Hand carved from solid mahogany and hand painted to showroom quality. We attach every accessory reproducible for true to life accuracy.

The product is a 110% ! And a great price” Well worth the wait!  – J. Wilkinson

Detailed Works

Antennas, wire lines, riggings, steps, pitot, wipers, armament loads Etc. The most detailed it can get at these prices. We specialize in hard to find models.

My model arrived today – I am absolutely “BLOWN AWAY‘.  Authentic to the N’th degree.  I am tremendously happy with the final version.  You have done an outstanding job and I really appreciate it.
It was so authentic that I looked for the oil leak that I always had under the engine compartment. You missed it!!!!!! – S. Hardee
We can start building with a $75 deposit. For 10" models, length or wing whichever is greater.

Lowest Price

We invite you to compare our prices with popular custom airplane builders.Only 50% deposit to start construction and the balance due only when you are completely satisfied.


You are dealing with the factory ! We can give you the best quality and level of detail at the prices we offer !

Some of Our Projects


We have been in the business since 1997 and operate our own factories in Manila, Philippines. Mailing address at 835 Ridge St. Charlottesville, VA 22902. Manila Office at 11 Charleyville, White Plains Philippines 1110. You may call us Mondays thru Fridays 10am-230pm ET. (810) 6423609

Ordering Information

You may discover our custom rates to be the lowest in the industry, you are dealing with the manufacturer. All interested parties please email us and send us a message using the CONTACT FORM below, so we can give you a detailed quote.

Custom Building Price

Our custom prices start at US$169 (shipping included. We have one rate for US, UK, Australia and Canada) for 10″ length/wingspan models,  whichever is greater. We require a deposit of only $75  to start construction on your detailed model. The balance due when you approve photos of the painted model. You may contact us for wholesale pricing for 12 pieces and above. 


We absolutely guarantee the models we build are one of the best you can find. If you are not happy with your purchase return the model to us for a full refund or replacement no questions asked. For custom order clients. You will have a chance to view the finished model before we ship. If you feel you need to make any changes with the model. We will gladly effect the revisions and will not stop until we get it perfectly done. All deliveries are insured against loss or damage. If the package gets damaged or lost in the mail we
will replace it.

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